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PX4 Vision Dev Kit V1.5
Pixhawk 6C flight controller / UP Core companion computer / Occipital Structure Core depth camera sensor
PX4 Development Kit - X500 v2
PX4 Development Kit - X500 v2 is an affordable, lightweight, and robust carbon fiber professional development drone kit with the latest Holybro Pixhawk 6C Flight Controller, M8N GPS , and plug & play SiK Telemetry Radio. It is quick and easy to assemble w
X500 V2 Kit
X500V2 Frame full carbon fiber twill, new design and minimal assembly time. The kit is easy to assemble. No soldering needed.
S500 V2 Kit
Spare Parts-X500 V2 Kit
Applicable for X500& X500 V2 Kit
Structure Core
The perfect sensor for AR/VR SLAM, robot vision, and other embedded applications where great depth performance matters.
Applicable for PX4 Vision
Spare Parts-S500 V2 Kit
Applicable for S500 Kit
QAV250  Kit
Spare Parts-PX4 Vision
Applicable for PX4 Vision
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