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KakuteF7 V1.5 IMU FPC Board
Applicable for KakuteF7 V1.5 & KakuteF7 AIO V1.5
Kakute F7 mini V3 Stacks
Kakute F7 mini V3: DJI FPV Air Unit Supported/MCU: STM32F722/IMU: MPU6000/Mounting Holes:20x20mm
Kakute F7 Stacks
Kakute F7 V1.5/Tekko32 F3 Metal 4in1 ESC(65A)/Tekko32 F3 4in1 ESC(45A)/Atlatl HV V2
Kakute F7 AIO V1.5 Combo
IMU updated to MPU6000,Re-designed and more reliable damping structure
Kakute F4 V2 & Tekko32 ESC STACK
The latest tekko32 45A 4in1 ESC has got some improvements on its performance
Kakute F7 HDV Stacks
Holybro Kakute F7 HDV is designed to work with the DJI FPV VTx module.
Kakute F7 mini V2 Stacks
B+ pad available on KakuteF7 mini V2, with IMU upgraded into MPU6000
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