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Kopis Freestyle 4" (free shipping)
Ultra lightweight, Sub250g
Kopis2 HDV 5"(free shipping)
KOPIS is a high-performance ready-to-fly FPV racing drone from Holybro,
Kopis2 6S V2 5"(free shipping)
On Holybro Kopis 6S V2, the ESC installation direction has been changed while the power supply cord has been moved from the side of the quad to the tail, which will better protect the ESC. Kopis 6S V2 is equipped with a 1200TVL Foxeer Micro Razer FPV cam
Spare Parts-Kopis Racing 3"
Applicable for Kopis Racing 3"
Spare Parts-Kopis cinewhoop 2.5"
Applicable for Kopis cinewhoop 2.5inch(SKU30076,30077,30096,30097)
Spare Parts-Kopis mini 3"
Applicable for Kopis mini(SKU30063,30064,30067,30068,30071)
Spare Parts-Kopis2 6S V2
Applicable for Kopis2 6S V2(SKU30069,30070)
Spare Parts-Kopis2 HDV
Applicable for Kopis2 HDV
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