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Differential high-precision multi-band GNSS positioning system series. UBLOX F9P module
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H-RTK F9P is the latest differential high-precision GNSS positioning system series from Holybro. This system provides multi-band RTK with fast convergence times and reliable performance, concurrent reception of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou, and fast update rate for highly dynamic and high volume applications with centimeter-accuracy. It uses a UBLOX F9P module, a IST8310 compass, and a tri-colored LED indicator. It also has a integrated safety switch for a simple and convenient operation.

PX4 Autopilot users:

The GPS RGB LED Driver Chip has been updated. Ensure the PX4 firmware is Stable Release v1.12.2 or newer for proper LED driver Support.

Ardupilot User:

If unable to preform normal compass calibration "compass dance" for any reason, set parameter COMPASS_ORIENT=6 (Yaw270) for proper compass orientation.



Other technical information can be found in our Holybro Documentation Page.

Using H-RTK with Cube Autopilot
User Guide: Setup & Getting started.
H-RTK Pinout


We have designed three models of H-RTK F9P for you to choose, each with different antenna design to meet different customer needs.

H-RTK F9P Rover lite (SKU12017) & H-RTK F9P Rover lite 2nd GPS (SKU12025)

This model is lower cost, light weight, and has high performance, It can meet the needs of general DIY users. Due to the lower cost, this model can also greatly minimize the cost of large swarm drone projects such as swarm light shows. It has a integrated safety switch and a tri-colored LED indicator, and it is compatible with the open source Pixhawk series flight controller.
Package Included:

- H-RTK F9P Rover Lite *1 (Optional )
- H-RTK F9P Rover Lite 2nd GPS *1(Optional)
- Fixed Carbon Fiber GPS mount *1
- GPS UART to USB Converter *1(For SKU12017)
- USB (type-c)cable *1


H-RTK F9P Helical (SKU12018)

This model uses a helical antenna, which has better performance than the lite version. This model can be used both on rover (aircraft) or as base station. The aluminum alloy shell design also has a integrated safety switch and a tri-colored LED indicator, and it is compatible with the open source Pixhawk series flight controller.

Package Included:

- H-RTK F9P *1
- High Precision GNSS Antenna(CH7604A) *1
- Fixed Carbon Fiber GPS mount *1
- GH 10P cable 150mm *1
- GH 10P cable 400mm *1
- GH 10P to 6P cable 300mm *1
- USB type-c cable *1

H-RTK F9P Base (SKU12022)

The board is the same as number 2 above, but it is equipped with a high-gain antenna. This model is best suited to use as base station. The search speed and positioning accuracy are the highest among the three models.

Package Included:

- H-RTK F9P *1
- High Precision GNSS Antenna(CSX627A) *1  
(Note: The CS7624A antenna on the H-RTK F9P Base (SKU12022) & M8P Base (SKU12021) has been replaced with similar CSX627A until further notice. It will change back to CS7624A once supply stablized. The specific antenna model is subject to changes)
- Male-male SMA-TNC cable(length: 5m) *1
- 1/4'' Female to 5/8'' -11 Male Adapter *1
- USB type-c cable *1
*Tripod mount not included (sold separately) 


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