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PM03D Power Module

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This Power Module is compatible with Pixhawk® 5X ,Pixhawk® 6X.
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PM03D provides regulated power supply as well as current consumption and battery voltage measurements via I2C digital protocol all through a 6pin 2.00mm CLIK-Mate cable. Compatible to flight controller that uses I2C power monitor such as the Pixhawk 5X and up. 

It is design for multi-rotor like the X500 V2. It has both XT-30 & XT-60 connectors preinstalled for motor ESCs and Battery, as well as two 5V BEC and a selectable 8V/12V output different kinds of peripheral devices. 

Note: This PM is not compatible with flight controller that uses analog PM such as the Pixhawk4, Pixhawk4 Mini, pix32 v5, or Durandal flight controllers.


•    Plug & play, no additional setup required for QGroundcontrol & Mission Planner
•    XT-30 connectors and solder pads for easy motor ESC connection
•    Onboard voltage regulators: two 5.2V & one selectable 8V/12V
•    5V/A ports for powering companion computer or peripheral device
•    Selectable 8V or 12V triple row pin header for powering peripheral device

Technical Specification

  • Maximum input voltage: 6S battery

  • Rated current: 60A

  • Max current: 120A (<60 Sec)

  • Max current sensing: 164A

  • Connections

    • XT-60 for battery 

    • XT-30 for motor & peripheral device (battery voltage)

    • Solder pads in each corner (battery voltage)

    • CLIK-Mate 2.0mm for flight controller (5.2V/3A standalone BEC)

    • JST GH 4pin (5.2V/3A, BEC shared with 5.2V triple row pin header)

    • 2x Triple row pin header (5.2V/3A, BEC shared with JST GH 4pin)

    • 2x Triple row pin header (8V or 12V selectable by moving header jumper, 3A)

  • Dimension: 84*78*12mm (excluding wires)

  • Mounting: 45*45mm

  • Weight: 59g

The XT60 plug and 12AWG wire that PM03D comes with is rated for 30A continuous current and 60A instantaneous current (<1 minute). If a higher current is being used, the plug type and wire size should be changed accordingly.

Package Includes

  • 1x PM06 board

  • 1x 80mm XT60 connector wire (pre-soldered)

  • 1x Electrolytic capacitor: 220uF 63V (pre-soldered)

  • 1x 2.0mm pitch CLIK-Mate 6pin cable (To power flight controller)

  • 4pin JST GH to USB Type C

  • 4pin JST GH to barrel plug (2.1*5.5mm)

  • 4pin JST GH to barrel plug (2.5*5.5mm)

  • 4pin Pin Dupont Cable (2pc)

  • Nylon standoffs & nuts


PM03D Power Module Manual