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PM07-12S Power Module

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Pixhawk 4 Power Module(PM07). This PM is compatible with Pix32, Pix32 V5, Pixhawk4, Pixhawk4 mini, and Durandal. Not compatible with Pixhawk 5x.
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The Power Management Board (PM Board) serves the purpose of a Power Module as well as a Power Distribution Board. In addition to providing regulated power to Pixhawk 4 and the ESCs, it sends information to the autopilot about battery’s voltage and current supplied to the flight controller and the motors.

Note: This PM02 Power Module uses analog data output and is not compatible to the Pixhawk 5X (Requires a digital PM like PM02D). 


PCB Current: total 120A outputs (MAX)
UBEC 5v output current :3A
UBEC input voltage : 7~51v (2~12s LiPo)
Dimensions:68*50*10 mm
Mounting Holes:45*45mm
Weight: 47.5g

Make the PM07 show the quantity of electric charge of your battery

Mission Planner setup:

  1. Connect PM07 to the battery, also connect it to Mission Planner via USB.
  2. Click “INITIAL SETUP” and come to the menu “Battery Monitor”.
  3. Make “Monito” into “Analog Voltage and Current”.
  4. Make “Sensor” into “9: Holybro Pixhawk4 PM”.
  5. Make “HW Ver: "The Cube or Pixhawk" (pixhawk4,pixhawk4mini,pix32v5,pix32)”   
            “HW Ver:  Durandal(Durandal)”           
  6. Input “18.182” into Voltage divider (Calced).
  7. Input “36.364” into “Amperes per volt”.
  8. Disconnect and reconnect it to finish the setting up.(“Measured battery voltage” shows the current quantity of electric charge of the battery.)

HW Ver: "The Cube or Pixhawk" (pixhawk4,pixhawk4mini,pix32v5,pix32)

HW Ver:  Durandal(Durandal).Or you can desigante it in the Full Parameter List   

Package Include:

1x   PM07 board
1x   80mm XT60 connector wire (installed)
1x   Electrolytic capacito: 220uF 63V (installed)

2x   JST GH 10P Cable
1x   JST GH 8P Cable
2x   JST GH 6P Cable

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