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Kakute F7 AIO V1.5
IMU updated to MPU6000,Re-designed and more reliable damping structure
Kakute F4 All-In-One V2
The Holybro Kakute F4 AIO All-In-One flight controller makes it easy to build your multirotor.
Kopis X8 Cinelifter 5" - Caged
This caged 5" Cinelifter can easily lift a cinematic camera with stable flight while maintaining great maneuverability. Great for both entry level pilot getting into Cinelifter or professional drone cinematographers looking for a rig for stable cinematic
KakuteF7 HDV AIO
Kakute F7 HDV All-In-One is designed to work with the DJI FPV VTx module.
MK32 Handheld Ground Station
7" 1000cd/m2 HD Monitor | Dual HD Digital Image Transmission | 15KM Range | 4G RAM, 16G ROM | QualComm 8-Core CPU | H.264/H.265 Decoding | 3.5H PD Fast Charging | 10H Battery Life | Ground HDMI Output | Ground Ethernet Output | Ground RC Input and Output
Holybro M8N GPS
The M8N GPS has an UBLOX M8N module, IST8310 compass, tri-colored LED indicator, and a safety switch. There are 3 different connectors options for different purposes.
Atlatl HV micro
5.8G FPV Video Transmitter,Standard 20mm square to center of holes Dimensions: 30x26mm,Weight: 3.6g.
Atlatl HV V2
5.8G FPV Video Transmitter
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