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Spare Parts - Kopis X8 Cinelifter 5"
Spare Parts for the Kopis X8 Cinelifter 5" Ducted & Caged Version.
Spare Parts-PX4 Vision
Applicable for PX4 Vision
QAV250  Kit
RadioMaster TX16S
DroneCAN GPS Extended Length Cable (45cm)
Applicable for DroneCAN M8N/M9N GPS
MMCX to SMA Female 200mm Antenna Extension Cable For DJI Air Unit
Applicable for Kopis Cinematic X8 7"&Kopis X8 Cinelifter 5"
UART Cable for Pixhawk Flight Controllers
This cable is use to connect Telem port (6pin JST GH) on Pixhawk flight controllers to communicate with device like companion computer via UART.
FETtec 4in1 45A ESC (45A)
The FETtec 45A 3-6S ESC is a powerful 4-in-1 electronic speed controller that has a mounting pattern of 30.5x30.5 and supports Dshot 300-2400, OneShot 42/125, PWM, Crossfire, SBUS, and other features!
Kakute H7
Kakute H7 Flight Controller is full of features including integrated Bluetooth, dual plug-and-play 4in1 ESC ports, HD camera plug, barometer, OSD, 6x UARTs, full Blackbox MicroSD card slot, 5V and 9V BEC, easy soldering layout and much more.
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