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PX4 Vision

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Pixhawk 4 flight controller / UP Core companion computer / Occipital Structure Core depth camera sensor
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PX4 Vision

Note: This vehicle comes with no software preinstalled. There is a pre-imaged USB stick that has a reference implementation of the PX4/Avoidance local planner software provided by Auterion. This is a basic software used only as a reference to show the basic function the PX4 vision can do. Developers can use the kit to try out other features provided by the PX4 Avoidance project, modify the existing code, or experiment with completely new computer vision-based functionality.

Please read following PX4 Guide for detail information about this Development Kit.

The PX4 Vision Development Kit contains following components:

  • Core Components:

    • 1x Pixhawk 4 flight controller (with custom PX4 firmware)

    • 1x PMW3901 optical flow sensor

    • 1x TOF Infrared distance sensor (PSK‐CM8JL65‐CC5)

    • 1x Structure Core depth camera

      • 160 deg wide vision camera

      • Stereo infrared cameras

      • Onboard IMU

      • Powerful NU3000 Multi-core depth Processor

    • 1x UP Core computer (4GB memory & 64GB eMMC with Ubuntu and PX4 avoidance)

      • Intel® Atom x5-z8350 (up to 1.92 GHz)

      • Compatible OS: Microsof t Windows 10 full version, Linux (ubilinux, Ubuntu, Yocto), Android

      • FTDI UART connected to flight controller

      • USB1: USB3.0 A port used for booting PX4 avoidance environment from a USB2.0 stick (connecting a USB3.0 peripheral may jam GPS).

      • USB2: USB2.0 port on a JST-GH connector. Can be used for second camera, LTE, etc. (or keyboard/mouse during development).

      • USB3: USB2.0 JST-GH port connected to depth camera

      • HDMI: HDMI out

      • SD card slot

      • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4 GHz (attached to external antenna #1). Allows computer to access home WiFi network for Internet access/updates.

  • Mechanical Specification:

    • Frame: Full 5mm 3k carbon fiber twill

    • Motors: T-MOTOR F60 PROⅢ KV1750

    • ESC: BEHEli-S 20A ESC

    • Propellers: T6045

    • GPS: Pixhawk4 GPS module

    • Power module: Holybro PM07

    • Wheelbase: 286mm

    • Weight: 854 grams without battery or props

    • Telemetry: ESP8266 connected to flight controller (attached to external antenna #2). Enables wireless connection to the ground station.

  • A USB2.0 stick with pre-flashed software provided by Auterion that bundles:

    • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

    • ROS Melodic

    • Occipital Structure Core ROS driver

    • MAVROS

    • PX4 Avoidance

  • Assorted cables, 8x propellers, 2x battery straps (installed) and other accessories (these can be used to attach additional peripherals).


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